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Ethyl Glucuronide:

A Revolutionary Drug Test for Alcohol has Arrived!

TASC Announces New Zero-Tolerance Alcohol Testing

The Problem: In the past, due to the short detection period of alcohol, monitoring abstinence from alcohol consumption has been difficult.  Standard alcohol testing, including urine and breathalyzers, is typically effective for only 2-8 hours after ingestion.
The EtG Solution:   The latest advancement in monitoring alcohol consumption is Urine Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) testing which dramatically extends the window of detection of alcohol consumption.
What is EtG?  

Ingested alcohol (ethanol) is rapidly metabolized in the body. A product of this metabolic process is EtG, which is excreted in the blood, hair and urine.  By using the sophisticated instrumentation, our lab staff is now able to detect EtG in urine, confirming the consumption of alcohol.

Beneficial Application:  

EtG testing is an excellent option for zero-tolerance alcohol consumption or rehabilitation programs

EtG Testing Advantages:  
  • Superior to the standard urine alcohol test
  • Alcohol detection is now in the same class as drugs of abuse
  • The EtG metabolite remains in the body longer and therefore has a more useful window of detection of
    8 to 80 hours.
  • Does not give false positives for diabetic clients due to fermentation of urine glucose


Cost Effective Test:  

TASC offers very affordable pricing for both EtG screening and confirmation tests. Call for details and pricing.

For further information, Contact the TASC Laboratory at (602) 254-7328