TASC Steroid Diversion Program

The TASC Steroid Diversion Program is a deferred prosecution program offered in conjunction with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office. It is offered to individuals facing first time felony steroid possession charge (s) who do not contest their guilt and would likely benefit from a community treatment program.

Required program components include specialized case management, random drug testing, a bio-psychosocial assessment, individualized counseling as well as payment of testing and program fees.

Case Management

Clients attend an initial orientation with their case manager where the specific requirements of the Diversion program are explained. Throughout the duration of the program, clients meet regularly with their case manager to discuss their participation. Besides monitoring and tracking client participation, the case manager is also a source of support and provides additional community referrals as needed.

Drug Testing

Clients undergo random drug testing throughout their participation in the program. Clients test on a random color that includes a regular drug panel as well as steroid panel.


Clients who participate in the steroid diversion program complete an initial bio-psychosocial assessment that includes an evaluation of the presenting problem and a review of the client's social, educational, vocational, substance abuse and legal history. In addition, the assessment includes information on the client's past treatment attempts for substance abuse and/or mental health problems. Upon completion of the initial assessment, the TASC counselor will make recommendations for ancillary services that the client may need and will enroll the client for individual counseling.

Individualized Counseling

TASC's individual counseling and therapy provides the opportunity for the client to progress to the important point of a lifestyle change by learning new ways to deal with the circumstances impinging on his/her mental, social, and emotional functioning and to learn effective ways of coping with these issues. Specific attention is focused on the individual's personal and systemic problem and resolution of these, through an individualized service plan, in order to affect positive change. Treatment is designed to address such problem areas as substance use and/or abuse, biochemical and metabolic imbalances, impulse control disorders, antisocial behaviors, stress, and anger management. Clients will attend one-hour individual counseling sessions one time per week for duration of approximately twelve to sixteen weeks.

Upon successful completion of individual counseling, a client participating in the steroid diversion program may enroll in TASC's group counseling. Group counseling addresses the physical, emotional, educational and social needs of the individual within the context of a group setting that addresses “risk factors” which diminish the individual's resistance to drug use and abuse. This is achieved through counseling approaches that focus on increasing awareness and knowledge of the effects (physically, emotionally, mentally) resulting from the use/abuse of substances, identifying needs/wants the substance use was meant to satisfy and aiding the client to make use of alternative solutions to facilitate personal growth and development. The client will also create a relapse prevention plan and develop plans for eliminating future use. Group counseling sessions are one hour in duration and occur one time per week.

For more information about the TASC Steroid Diversion Program call (602) 254-7328 ext. 119.